Traditional Butchers

Our Butchers are traditionally trained so they know how to bone out meat and what cuts make for the best style of cooking

High Quality Meats

Along with our fresh meats we offer a delicatessen service selling cooked meats, pies, cheeses and pates

Good Service

Want your order delivered? Ask about our delivery service*

*Minimum order may apply depending on order size and location


We can offer a wide range of meats and game to the public, catering outlets and pubs. If you need advice on orders please contact us.



As a Family Butcher our Butchers are traditionally trained so they can give you the right cut for your requirements.



We have a range of products that we sell :

Pork Pies

Meat Pies

Sausage Rolls


Scotch Eggs

Cooked meats

Black & White Pudding



Pork Scratchings


Suppliers to Caterers

We can offer meat and game to outside caterers, pubs, restaurants and cafes.


Suppliers of Game

We can offer a range of fresh (when in season) and frozen Game which includes:


French Partridge



All ready for the table


Cooking Advice


Ask in store when you buy or go online to our Facebook page for cooking advice and recipes.


Delivery Service

We offer a refrigerated vehicle delivery service covering a 16 mile radius of Bury St Edmunds Areas included :

Bury St Edmunds




Please ring for more details: 01284-768351

Minimum order may apply depending on order size and location.



To help save for that special occasion such as Christmas, Easter or to give as a present?

Value from £1-£40. If you put £19 stamps on one side of the savings card we will give you a FREE £1 stamp! So you will get a £20 card for £19.





This is how it works

1. Ask for a savings card in store

2. Buy savings stamps at £1 each and affix to card

3. When you reach £19 we will give you a £1 stamp Free

4. You can cash in your savinsg card at any time and there is no limit from £1 to £40. So you can tailor how much you want to save or give as a gift.


Need a special cut or advice on how to cook your meat or game? Please ask the butcher for help

- Mr. Neill Price