Traditional Butchers

Our Butchers are traditionally trained so they know how to bone out meat and what cuts make for the best style of cooking

High Quality Meats

We source high quality meat and game to sell to you, our customers. We try where we can to buy locally and ensure our suppliers meet our high standards

Good Service

Good service is what we all want when we go shopping. We offer good old fashioned service to ensure you get the right cut of meat and the right kind of shopping experience


We care about the traceability of our meats and game. We also care about our customers. For over 20 years the shop has served the town of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and have built up a relationship with our customers and suppliers.


The Team

St edmunds butchers


Neill Price
Neill was born in Coventry and worked on a local farm until going to college to obtain his Agricultural qualifications. His career saw him work in Canada, Windsor, Winchester, Gloucester and finally Gazeley, near Newmarket where he currently lives.  After leaving farming in 2002 he went into commercial weed spraying and landscaping. In the autumn of 2013 he saw that the shop was for sale and negotiated the purchase of the business in May 2014 and he has kept on all the staff.
Neill's hobbies are shooting, fishing, walking, squash and following Coventry City Football Club. 

Mark Cleverley
Mark started his career as a Butcher when he left school in 1995. He worked at various branches until he was promoted to Manager of the Bury St Edmunds shop in 2004. Mark is instrumental in pushing the business forward, obtaining new customers and sourcing high quality meat at very competitive prices.
Mark's hobbies are socialising, golf and following Ipswich Town Football Club.

Robert Presland
Robert left school at 14 and started his career in St John’s, St Bury St Edmunds. He has worked for various Butchers in Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket. Robert started in 2008 and has been a big asset to the shop bringing experience and knowledge of the butchery trade. Robert enjoys walking and bird watching.

Nicholas Manning
Nicholas left school and started his career working in the Butchers at Woolworths. Nick had worked for various Butchers and meat processing factories before coming to the shop in 2010. Nick has a lot of experience curing meat and would like to introduce some of his recipes to the shop.

Nick enjoys fishing, speedway and following Leeds United Football Club.

Theresa Teager
Deli Sales
Theresa came to the shop in 2003 and runs the Deli counter. Theresa is looking to bring in more products to serve at the Deli counter.

Theresa enjoys gardening. 

There is also Rosalyn Cook who works three days a week and we have three very helpful Saturday staff.




We care about the traceability of our meat and game, so we can give you the best

- Mr Neill Price